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I just got a strange call from this person. He said he was a computer technician and he wanted to talk to me about my computer. I told him "Nooooo. I don't have a computer, thank you." He then spoke in a high-pitched, whiney voice saying "Mama, you can suck my d--k." I then hung up on him.



believe there is something suspicious about this... called twice and no sound... nothing



Scam calls..






Used in a fraudulent scheme telling elderly persons that a family member is in jail, and must pay XX to get them out.

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Take advantage of Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at this for United States and at: for Canada.

Call trapping service

Call trapping services force a caller to display the number from which they are calling. There are many such trapping services in the United States and Canada.